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    • 91st Oscars (Part 3)

      MY NOVEMBER PREDICTIONS BEST PICTURE 1. A Star is Born 2. Green Book 3. First Man 4. Roma 5. If Bea


      [quote quote=1202677209] Anything on Amy in particular? I want to know if we actually have a race for supporting actress? Also what about Carell and Rockwell? [/quote] from Kris Tapley in Variety: But Bale isn’t the full story here, of course. It

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      Started by:  DaKardii in: Movies

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    • Adam McKay's VICE
      Sam Keys


      Reviews for VICE are in. Looks like we're in for a big player across the board. @davekarger: Happy to report that #Vice is as entertaining, illuminating, and infuriating as Adam McKay’s last movie, The Big Short. The sharp screenplay and the asto

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      Started by:  Sam Keys in: Movies

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    • 2019 Grammy Predictions (Part 12)

      I don't know about the rest of you, but my Album of the Year predictions are coming very close to be

      Os Rodrigues

      NTLTC comparison aside (which wasn't even necessary since I'm not even sure about that???), The Middle is realy not that good. Maren Morris did pretty much what the dozen of other performers would've done, and her "amazing" vocals are really as good

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      Started by:  DC95 in: Music

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    • 2019 Best Actress Oscar Discussion (Part 5)
      Luca Giliberti

      <p style="text-align: left;">Widows  (as expected) is not doing too well in BO. I don't think


      [quote quote=1202677199] Jennifer Lopez was an actress first. I’m a Gaga fan, and I think she’ll probably get in Best Actress based on the momentum right now (which could change), but I do think she’s vulnerable due to the strong amount of comp

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      Started by:  Chris Beachum in: Movies

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    • Green Book

      I don't have faith in the team behind the scenes. I'm expecting Reception to be pool. Although Ali s


      I saw this too and I enjoyed it more than Widows. I agree this is a co-lead performance, but I feel Ali shows more range of performance than Mortensen. From Deadline, the BO numbers doesn't look good. Hopefully more people watching this movie when it

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      Started by:  DaKardii in: Movies

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    • American Horror Story: Apocalypse
      Andrew D



      Well that was ... something. The ending landed well enough. I liked the idea of history being rewritten yet still the same. Too many uncounted variables present for another "spawn of Satan" to happen. and sure enough, that's exactly the case (which M

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      Started by:  Andrew D in: Television

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    • The Haunting of Hill House

      I'm surprised there wasn't a thread for this already because there's definitely a lot of buzz for it


      I just finished watching this and can easily say that this is one of the best shows I had watched this year. It is a tremendous achievement in television by subverting horror into something else. At times it felt like a scary version of This Is Us. I

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      Started by:  Courtney in: Television

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